[Haskell-cafe] Making 'community' server our social network

Wolfgang Jeltsch g9ks157k at acme.softbase.org
Wed Nov 5 03:43:50 EST 2008

Am Montag, 3. November 2008 02:43 schrieb Maurí­cio:
> Hi,
> I've  beeing doing  something with  darcs that  is so  great that,
> although I'm  sure a lot of  people are already doing  the same, I
> think it would be nice to share with you. I did 'cd ~' and then:
> darcs initialize
> darcs add .emacs
> darcs add .xmonad/xmonad.hs
> darcs add .inputrc
> ...
> etc.
> So I'm  using darcs to keep  track of all my  configuration files,
> and now I  don't need to care about reinstalling  the OS, changing
> machines  from office  to home,  changing configurations  and then
> realizing it was a mistake etc.
> Then I  thought community.haskell.org could offer  a default darcs
> repositories for all users named after their owners. For instance,
> if you want to check my personal files you would do:
> darcs get http://code.haskell.org/MauricioAntunes
> That would allow us not only  to share our configuration, but also
> share all  those small  files that  are not  "professional" enough
> to  became  projects for  their  own,  but that  are  nevertheless
> interesting since  we put our  good ideas there: scripts  to start
> our  favorite software  or  do system  maintenance; small  Haskell
> utilities  to do  some cool  math  or science  trick, stress  some
> language feature  or download  our standard music  collection from
> the web;  a list of favorite  sites and a related completion script
> so we can list then in 'dmenu' completion; etc. etc. etc.
> The next bonus  step would be to  get a list at  all users default
> repository main  page of all  other users they have  granted write
> access  to some  of  their  projects. Then  we  would  be able  to
> navigate throw linked  lists of people with  related interests and
> needs.
> I think we need  no more to get what will  be MySpace, Facebook or
> something else for text-driven people.  And then, of course, world
> domination.  Although I  don't really  imagine any  business model
> around that :)
> Best,
> Maurício

So your idea means that I have to store all my configuration files etc. in a 
single darcs repository?  Not a nice idea, in my opinion.  I already use 
darcs for synchronizing data between my work and home computer but I use 
several repositories for several topics.  A topic would be something like a 
lecture I write exercises for or a conference I write a paper for.

Best wishes,

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