[Haskell-cafe] WebSense doesn't like darcs.haskell.org

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
Thu May 29 16:46:50 EDT 2008

Chad Scherrer wrote:
> My work uses WebSense to filter viewable pages - I don't have an option.
> I used to be able to get to darcs.haskell.org just fine, but apparently a
> /hacking directory was added somewhere, so WebSense put it on the naughty list.
> I put in a request for WebSense to review the site; hopefully it will soon be
> allowed again. But if not, I'll have to go through lots of red tape, which I'd
> really like to avoid.
> I assume/hope this "hacking" is only in the sense of making adjustments to code.
> Is this right? If there's anything involving DoS attacks, etc, I might never be
> able to get to it from work again.
> I get the impression WebSense is relatively widely used. Is anyone else here
> having similar trouble?
Oh my goodness.  Please tell me WebSense isn't _that_ stupid!  As if any
person who's serious about actually carrying out cyber attacks would
store things in a directory named "hacking"...  WTF, no wonder it feels
like we're losing when the "good guys" assume the "bad guys" have an
intelligence comparable to the average vegetable.

Sorry for the outburst, this sort of brain dead "security" just really
upsets me.


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