[Haskell-cafe] What to do when GHC works, RUNGHC fails

Peter Verswyvelen bf3 at telenet.be
Thu May 22 17:58:16 EDT 2008

I'm experimenting creating a Cabal script on Windows that installs a 
module that refers to some DLLs (freetype, png, ...) via C wrappers

When configuring, building, and installing using cabal, a test program 
that uses this installed module runs fine when compiled with GHC --make, 
but fails miserably when run with RUNGHC (or GHCi)

The first thing I noticed is that RUNGHC looks for a DLL called 
"png.dll" (which it doesn't find and then bails out with an error), 
while the executable build with GHC uses the correct "libpng3.dll". When 
I rename the libpng3.dll into png.dll, RUNGHC goes a bit further but 
then fails with an "unknown symbol". Obviously I did something wrong in 
my Cabal script, but I have no idea what it is.

There seems to be a big difference when it comes to linking between of 
GHCi and GHC . Any guidelines on what to do in cases like the one above?

I really like to use the interpreter because it provides much shorter 
turnaround times, and things like this stop me from using it.


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