[Haskell-cafe] haskell compiler on NetBSD amd64

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sat May 10 15:13:16 EDT 2008

> On Fri, May 09, 2008 at 10:21:19PM -0700, Donn Cave wrote:
> > So here I am with 64 bit Athlon hardware, running amd64
> > NetBSD (a.k.a. x86_64), reasonably motivated to compile
> > Haskell.  From what I make of the porting instructions,
> So, we are in the same boat then!
> > my only hope is to install FreeBSD-amd64 on another
> > partition and download the 6.6.1 ghc for that platform,
> > use it to generate .hc files to build 6.6.1 on NetBSD,
> > and then use 6.6.1 to build 6.8 or whatever the current
> > version may be by the time I get there?
> > 
> But what I thought was rather to go with OpenBSD, since I
> figured that it would be closer to NetBSD (You can e.g. build
> ghc on OpenBSD using NetBSD-generated .hc files on i386),
> and generate the .hc files on OpenBSD. I have unfortunately
> not got any further than getting an openbsd partition though,
> have not had the time to get into the actual porting.

I wonder if it is still possible to use the .hc files already generated 
for the OpenBSD/amd64 port, and use those to do the port to

Actually, with headers starting to diverge, it might make more sense to
just generate the amd64/netbsd .hc files from i386/netbsd -- where
there's already a working ghc.

-- Don

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