[Haskell-cafe] I am new to haskell

Giorgio Valoti giorgio_v at mac.com
Fri May 9 02:40:47 EDT 2008

On 08/mag/08, at 08:59, Benjamin L. Russell wrote:
> One hint that is not (at least to my knowledge) listed on  
> haskell.org is that, according to at least one user (see "The  
> Programmers’ Stone » Blog Archive » A First Haskell Experience" at  
> http://the-programmers-stone.com/2008/03/04/a-first-haskell- 
> experience/), the online tutorials can "confuse more than they  
> illuminate."
> Personally, I would recommend starting with one of the available  
> books (see "Books - HaskellWiki" at http://haskell.org/haskellwiki/ 
> Books), instead.  In particular, I would recommend one of the  
> following titles:
> […]

What’s your opinion on Programming in Haskell by Graham Hutton. It is  
the first book about Haskell that I’ve read and wondering what could  
be the next one. Should I wait for Real world Haskell or do you think  
that the books you listed offer something new/different/more advanced  
than Programming in Haskell?

Thank you in advance
Giorgio Valoti

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