[Haskell-cafe] Gtk2hs on GHC6.8.2?

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at worc.ox.ac.uk
Mon Mar 24 08:25:14 EDT 2008

In message <2f9b2d30803240011k1597d9e2sd0d1b7466120a8c0 at mail.gmail.com> "Ryan
Ingram" <ryani.spam at gmail.com> writes:
> The WinXP binary release of Gtk2hs won't install for me; it seems to
> expect GHC6.8.1 and refuses to install on 6.8.2. 

Right. It does that on purpose and with good reason.

Do you think the error message could be improved? The message should already say
that it detected ghc 6.8.2 but that it requires ghc 6.8.1 (or 6.6.1).

> Is there any significant difference in the compilers that would cause it not
> to work on 6.8.2? 

Yes. The .hi files are versioned and ghc will reject .hi files created by a
different version of ghc.

> Is there a way I can trick it into installing?

You could probably trick the installer but it would not help you at all, as all
you'll get is ghc reporting that the .hi files were written by ghc-6.8.1 rather
than ghc-6.8.2.

You are in luck however, I did a build with ghc-6.8.2 just the other day but
hadn't announced it yet:

Let me know how you get on, though in general bugs are best reported to the
gtk2hs-devel mailing list or in our bug tracker.


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