[Haskell-cafe] intersection of sets

Tim Chevalier catamorphism at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 17:54:01 EDT 2008

[ccing to list]

On 3/18/08, Walt Potter <potter at southwestern.edu> wrote:
> Tim,
>  We're using -O2 to optimize, but not changing the heap size. We're
>  trying to get the profiling running on our file.
>  The sets have about 25 million elements each. Each element is a sequence
>  of length 16.
>  We'll want to compute larger examples!
>  I do not know how intersection works in Data.Set. I'm worried that we're
>  having problems with stack overflow due to recursion. We'll try to
>  remove the lazy stuff.

Run profiling before you "try to remove the lazy stuff". There's no
point in trying to optimize code until you know what's actually taking
up space.

If you have problems with profiling, then ask on the
glasgow-haskell-users mailing list.


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