[Haskell-cafe] Need Cabal/library building help for windows

Ryan Ingram ryani.spam at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 12:34:39 EDT 2008

For reference, I'm using GHC6.8.1 on WinXP.

I'm trying to package up some code into a library.  But cabal fails to
configure my project:
>runhaskell setup.hs configure
Configuring Prompt-1.0...
setup.hs: ld is required but it could not be found.

Prompt.cabal contains:

name:                Prompt
version:             1.0
cabal-version:       >= 1.2
build-type:          Simple

  exposed-modules:   Control.Monad.Prompt

Does GHC require additional tools in order to build libraries on
Win32?  If so, I hope this can be remedied; it builds executables
without additional tools after all.

What do I need to do next?

  -- ryan

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