[Haskell-cafe] Re: Haskell-Cafe Digest, Vol 55, Issue 20

Maverick maverick_as_2000 at yahoo.es
Mon Mar 17 09:58:17 EDT 2008

Thanks Sterl, you're right, this was because I have don´t compiled with the -threaded flag, this works fine now.

> This answer may be way off base, but if differences appear between  
> ghci and compiled versions, I've often found its as simple as  
> remembering to compile with the -threaded flag. The ghci runtime is  
> threaded by default, as I understand it, while compiled binaries are  
> not, and IO operations will block in very different fashions (i.e. in
> their own thread, or stalling the entire app) depending on the runtime.

> Regards,
> sterl.

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