[Haskell-cafe] [GSoC] A data parallel physics engine

Bas van Dijk v.dijk.bas at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 16:11:00 EDT 2008

2008/3/10 Roman Cheplyaka <roma at ro-che.info>:
> I'm looking for interesting project to work on during Google Summer of
>  Code. So I found [1]"A data parallel physics engine" ticket and got
>  excited about it. I'd like to know interested mentors and community
>  opinion about the complexity of such project.

A bit offtopic but slightly related:
I just added a GSoC project proposal about adding a nVidia CUDA
backend to Data Parallel Haskell:

It would be great if this physics engine or matrix library could run
on a CUDA enabled nVidia "graphics" card!



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