[Haskell-cafe] Thanks for the help: image of draft visualization

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Fri Mar 7 17:30:07 EST 2008

>    Thanks for everyone's help on the list re my Haskell woes with the latest
>    visualization effort. I've been making my code more generic for the last
>    week, and I plan on releasing a visualization framework back to the
>    community at some point.  Gotta get approval from my boss before releasing
>    code back to the wild, but here's an image of the draft of the
>    visualization I've been working on:
>    [1]http://vizdata.renci.org/projects/jeff/ProteinViz/ProteinViz.png
>    Basically, what you're seeing is 18,500 genes arranged in a full
>    heirarchical clustering (the clustering technique uses a metric I'm
>    unfamiliar with, and I got the dataset pre-packaged from the guy who's
>    using it).  The final visualization is fully interactive and runs fine
>    under Linux, dies a miserable death under windows (runs out of RAM, and I
>    can't figure out why, nor do I particularly care), and primarily runs on
>    our 14 foot by 9 foot (4.5x3 metres for those of us in metric) linux
>    display wall.  The full program is about 800 linux of Haskell code using
>    nothing but the standard library under GHC 6.8.
>    Again, thanks for all your help!

Truly awesome. Well done!

Can't wait to see a writeup on your approach, and lessons learnt.

-- Don

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