[Haskell-cafe] Thanks for the help: image of draft visualization

Jefferson Heard jefferson.r.heard at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 14:58:05 EST 2008

Thanks for everyone's help on the list re my Haskell woes with the latest
visualization effort. I've been making my code more generic for the last
week, and I plan on releasing a visualization framework back to the
community at some point.  Gotta get approval from my boss before releasing
code back to the wild, but here's an image of the draft of the visualization
I've been working on:


Basically, what you're seeing is 18,500 genes arranged in a full
heirarchical clustering (the clustering technique uses a metric I'm
unfamiliar with, and I got the dataset pre-packaged from the guy who's using
it).  The final visualization is fully interactive and runs fine under
Linux, dies a miserable death under windows (runs out of RAM, and I can't
figure out why, nor do I particularly care), and primarily runs on our 14
foot by 9 foot (4.5x3 metres for those of us in metric) linux display wall.
The full program is about 800 linux of Haskell code using nothing but the
standard library under GHC 6.8.

Again, thanks for all your help!

-- Jeff
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