[Haskell-cafe] Connection helpers: for people interested in network code

brad clawsie clawsie at fastmail.fm
Thu Mar 6 18:09:11 EST 2008

"Gwern Branwen" <gwern0 at gmail.com> writes:

>>  i offered some time ago to look at building a cabal package and
>>  documentation for this. i would offer up excuses as to why this hasn't
>>  appeared yet, but between kids, work and ski season i just haven't
>>  allocated the time yet. sorry to all. i still hope to look into this,
>>  but fair to say i dropped the ball.
> Dunno. I just downloaded the git repo, and I'm not sure what's
> stopping anyone from uploading it to Hackage. It builds cleanly and
> with essentially no warning on 6.8.2, the Haddock docs build, and so
> on. The Cabal file itself is quite good; out of boredom, I tweaked it
> a little:

awesome! that means someone has indeed recognized my lameness and
subbed in to do what i didn't. thanks to whoever you are! sorry again
for promising and not delivering

[gwern, hope you don't mind if i redirect your personally reply to the 
 list for context preservation]

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