[Haskell-cafe] If Version Control Systems were Airlines

Justin Bailey jgbailey at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 14:37:04 EST 2008

Way off topic, but this is the cafe. The below is well worth reading.


For the click-impaired, here's Darcs Airlines:

"Darcs Airlines:  Unlike every other airline, this one uses physicists
instead of engineers to design its airplanes. One brilliant Darcs
physicist has finally come up with The Theory of Everything, and as
such, Darcs knows where you want to go before even you do. Darcs
airlines prides itself on customer service, and asks your preference
for even the tiniest details about your trip.

Each seat pocket features a copy of the Theory of Everything for your
reading enjoyment, but nobody actually understands it.

Occasionally, you will find that Darcs pilots get into angry conflicts
with the control tower in mid-flight. This results in the control
tower revoking your permission to land. Legend has it that one Darcs
pilot of a plane with exceptionally large fuel tanks actually resolved
his conflict with the tower and landed two weeks after taking off.
Experienced Darcs users board with several parachutes: one for
themselves, and a few more for the newbies.

The Darcs physicists claim that the Theory of Everything predicted the
pilots would act this way, and that all pilots eventually act this way
throughout the entire universe. They toil day and night finding a way
to adjust the gravitational constant of the universe, thereby reducing
the anger factor of the pilots.

Main competitor: OS/2 airlines."


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