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Tue Jun 24 23:08:46 EDT 2008

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Date: Jun 24, 7:46 pm
Subject: Cabalized, Self-Demoing, HStringTemplate-using HAppS Tutorial
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There are some issues with the cabalized project -- templates are
missing. Doh.

Use darcs for now.


On Jun 24, 7:26 pm, tphyahoo <thomashartm... at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Hello HAppSers!

> I have created a self-demoing, HStringTemplate-using intro to HAppS.

> There is a live demo at


> It is cabalized at


> and should install fine with sudo cabal install happs-tutorial.

> There is a darcs repo at


> And a google project at


> which currently isn't used, but who knows, maybe for the wiki or issue
> tracking. (I started at google hosting before migrating to darcs.)

> I have all kinds of additional lessons planned, but under the release
> early/release often motto I'm letting it out in its embryonic state.

> Enjoy!

> Thomas.

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