[Haskell-cafe] sdl-mixer loading issue

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Tue Jun 24 19:31:41 EDT 2008

> >> SDL-mixer does not support the most recent SDL version.  The problem is
> >> that in SDL now Mix_LoadWAV is a macro.
> I've tried it with SDL-0.5.2 from hackage as well with the same
> problem. (Unless you mean an earlier version of the actual SDL
> library?)
> > Ah ha, so it needs a cbits wrapper over the macro.
> This is above my head. If we know what the problem is, will this by
> any chance hit someone's todo list soon or is this a big hurdle?
> Are there any other cross-platform (windows + linux at the minimum)
> ways of playing sounds that anyone can recommend?

Attached is a patched version of SDL_mixer 0.5.2 with a C wrapper
for this macro. I'm now able to run loadWAV in ghci.

We need to have the maintainer upload the amended version to Hackage,
or to give me leave to do so.

-- Don
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