[Haskell-cafe] [WARN] Bug fix release of pureMD5 (Was: pureMD5)

Uwe Schmidt si at fh-wedel.de
Fri Jun 13 10:31:19 EDT 2008

Thomas M. DuBuisson wrote:

> As you can probably tell, I didn't invest enough into the
> non-performance aspects of pureMD5.  Faced with actual users ;-), I have
> released version 0.2.0 which has the bug fix, a new API (type prevention
> from re-finalizing a digest), and a reasonable set of quickchecks
> (covering Show / Binary instances, known answer and incremented
> hashing).  Oh, also the module name has changed to place it inline with
> 'Crypto' package naming while not colliding.

there is a small bug in pureMD5.cabal

the line
  hs-source-dirs: Data,Test

should be
  hs-source-dirs:	.

otherwise the sources are not found (at least on my linux box)



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