[Haskell-cafe] Problems with Validate from HaXML

Peter Gammie peteg42 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 08:29:14 EDT 2008


I have the same problems. I believe I sent Malcolm some patches. If
not, look here:


I am away from my laptop right now so I cannot readily tell you
whether a "darcs get" will do the job. In any case, there is a bug in
the DTD parser that is easily fixed. (Try downloading the Parser.hs
file if the darcs get fails.)

Hope that helps.


On 6/12/08, Samuel Silva <silva.samuel at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello
> I'm working with large DTDs from http://www.recordare.com/dtds/,
> particulary partwise.dtd and timewise.dtd.
> I check these DTDs with some tools, like Altova XML Spy and Microsoft
> Visual Studio, and DTDs are valid.
> However Validate tool from HaXML doesn't validate same DTDs.
> Result from Validate is:
> $ Validate partwise.dtd
> Validate: In a sequence:
>  in content spec of ELEMENT decl: note
>  When looking for a non-empty sequence with separators:
>        Expected % but found |
>    in file note.mod  at line 51 col 45
>      used by  file partwise.dtd  at line 120 col 1
>  when looking for a content particle
>  when looking for a content particle
> Problematic definition is in "note.mod" file, presented below:
> <!ELEMENT note
>        (((grace, %full-note;, (tie, tie?)?) |
>          (cue, %full-note;, duration) |
>          (%full-note;, duration, (tie, tie?)?)),
>         instrument?, %editorial-voice;, type?, dot*,
>         accidental?, time-modification?, stem?, notehead?,
>         staff?, beam*, notations*, lyric*)>
> I'm trying using DtdToHaskell tool from HaXML to build parser from
> MusicXML to Haskell types.
> There are other ways to build XML parser using HaXML?
> I'm already using HaXML, with HaXML combinators, to write MusicXML.
> Thanks.
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