[Haskell-cafe] Problems with Validate from HaXML

Samuel Silva silva.samuel at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 06:08:18 EDT 2008


I'm working with large DTDs from http://www.recordare.com/dtds/,
particulary partwise.dtd and timewise.dtd.
I check these DTDs with some tools, like Altova XML Spy and Microsoft
Visual Studio, and DTDs are valid.
However Validate tool from HaXML doesn't validate same DTDs.
Result from Validate is:
$ Validate partwise.dtd
Validate: In a sequence:
  in content spec of ELEMENT decl: note
  When looking for a non-empty sequence with separators:
        Expected % but found |
    in file note.mod  at line 51 col 45
      used by  file partwise.dtd  at line 120 col 1
  when looking for a content particle
  when looking for a content particle

Problematic definition is in "note.mod" file, presented below:
<!ELEMENT note
	(((grace, %full-note;, (tie, tie?)?) |
	  (cue, %full-note;, duration) |
	  (%full-note;, duration, (tie, tie?)?)),
	 instrument?, %editorial-voice;, type?, dot*,
	 accidental?, time-modification?, stem?, notehead?,
	 staff?, beam*, notations*, lyric*)>

I'm trying using DtdToHaskell tool from HaXML to build parser from
MusicXML to Haskell types.
There are other ways to build XML parser using HaXML?
I'm already using HaXML, with HaXML combinators, to write MusicXML.


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Samuel Silva

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