[Haskell-cafe] Patrick Perry's BLAS package

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Fri Jun 6 22:32:18 EDT 2008

> Hi,
> Indeed, this has been long awaited. Long live Patrick!!!
> And continue the good work:-)
> However, such essential work shouldn't be dependent on heroic effort of an
> individual. If Haskell is to remain non-commercial a disciplined community
> effort should be taken akin to Pythonian. Perhaps also thouse of you who teach
> Haskell could better use cheap labour of students,
> after all Haskell's module system is not all that weak;-)

Yes, more libraries! 500 is not enough!

The best thing anyone here can do for haskell is contribute a library.

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Join in!

The more areas we cover with Haskell code, the easier the path is to
ongoing development, and a viable, sustainable Haskell world.

-- Don

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