[Haskell-cafe] Fw: patch applied (ghc): Remove the OpenGL family of libraries fromextralibs

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at cs.york.ac.uk
Tue Jul 29 10:34:46 EDT 2008

> I don't think that's right. The HP maintainers are not (and cannot be)
> the maintainers of each individual package. That just does not scale.

Oh absolutely, but I was imagining that (at least part of) the purpose
of the Platform is to generate automatic notifications to package
owners, when a change in either ghc or the packaging infrastructure or
the package's dependencies, leads to their own package breaking.  So the
Platform effectively generates an auto-prompt when maintenance is

Given that such a lot of package-breakage is not due to changes in the
functionality of the library itself, but purely to changes in the
packaging system surrounding it, this would in my eyes shift
a certain amount of responsibility in the right direction.  :-)
(Not the responsibility to fix, but the responsibility to notify.)

As a package author (rather than a user), I would see this as a primary
benefit of having my packages added to the Platform.  And as a package
user (rather than author), there is the corresponding antibenefit of
removing a package like HOpenGL from the Platform: a diminished
likelihood of the maintainer being already aware of packaging flaws.


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