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>I would like to buy some booke on category theory and its applications. Can
>you recommend me the best?

Recently, I had to study some category theory in order to prepare for
a local category theory study group meeting, and after some
comparison, settled on the following relatively short set (128 pp.) of
notes, condensed from a much thicker book (303 pp.) on category

Category Theory Lecture Notes for ESSLLI
Michael Barr, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, McGill
Charles Wells, Department of Mathematics, Case Western Reserve

The above-mentioned lecture notes were condensed from the following
book, and then rearranged to present category theory from a computer
science perspective:

Toposes, Triples and Theories
by Michael Barr and Charles Wells

According to the above-referenced home page for this book:

> The original book, Grundlehren der math. Wissenschaften 278. Springer-Verlag, 1983, is now out of print. A revised and corrected version is now available free for downloading.

An even shorter book on category theory is the following:

A Gentle Introduction to Category Theory - the calculational approach
by Maarten M Fokkinga

However, I did not prefer the above book, despite its brevity, because
unlike the other two titles, it did not including any specific
material on monads.

>What do you think about "Categories and Computer Science (Cambridge Computer
>Science Texts)" at

I haven't read it, so I would need to review it before giving an
opinion.  I shall keep it in mind, however; thank you for the

-- Benjamin L. Russell

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