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Hello Hans,

Sunday, January 27, 2008, 5:02:57 PM, you wrote:

>> studied at Moscow University in 89-91 and department of computer
>> languages still studied Lisp at those times (!). a few months ago i
> This reminds me, I worked at a Dutch telecomm software production
> company for a short while in 1999 and they had two Russian software
> engineers there, one from St. Petersburg and one from Wladiwostok, both
> female and under 25 years of age. They programmed in C and were highly
> respected by their managers and colleagues! So, there are at least
> counterexamples :-)

no. you should asked them HOW they learned programming and i'm pretty
sure (knowing too much about our universities and institutes) that
they were just a self-learned - like myself. generally speaking, our
higher education now just starting to teach students "new" Java
technologies - you can imagine how old is knowledge they get there.
actually, all the good russian programmers i ever seen are

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