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Hello Dipankar,

Sunday, January 27, 2008, 12:16:38 AM, you wrote:

> Anyway, no we're older, and we realize that it would have helped our math
> understanding out quite a bit had we learned more physics, engineering,
> etc. Or had we learned 19th century mathematics well. The Russian program
> seems to do this, actually (at least for the sample set of kids that make
> it to the US).

oh, yes, they are really still study 19th century physics, but not
because of great mind, but due to age of university professors. i've
studied at Moscow University in 89-91 and department of computer
languages still studied Lisp at those times (!). a few months ago i
have a conversation with today student and they still learn Lisp (!!!).
it seems that they will switch to more modern FP languages no earlier
that this concrete professor, head of PL department, which in 60s done
interesting AI research, will dead, or at least go to the pension

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