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On 2008.01.19 12:22:43 -0500, Steve Lihn <stevelihn at gmail.com> scribbled 1.5K characters:
> I am asking this question in another thread. The problem is -- I've
> got many modules compiled under 6.6, some with much agony. If I switch
> to 6.8, I have to recompile them again. Two issues I image:
> (1) It may take lots of effort to recompile all the modules. I have
> forgetten how I got around some of the modules! Too bad... Got to take
> notes next time...

These days, every package you'd want to install (with the exception of GHC, Darcs, and the large graphics toolkits) should be available on Hackage or at least in Cabalized form.

If they aren't, then that's a bug or at least missing feature. The whole point of Cabal was so you don't have to take notes!

> (2) If I got stuck in 6.8, it may not be easy to switch back.

Well, uh, is that really a bad thing? Do you worry about device drivers 'because if I got stuck in the 2.x series of Linux kernels, it may not be easy to switch back [to 1.x]'? No; 6.8.x is the future. The older GHCs will fall behind, people will rightfully upgrade, things will bitrot, and so on. There's no real benefit to willfully using outdated software - the most painful parts of the 6.8.x upgrade are past.

> It does not appear straightforward to me. I'd like to hear how other
> people approach these issues before I jump into it. Don't want to
> break the working environment that I spent months to set up!

I began darcs send'ing patches for stuff broken by 6.8.x; by this point, all the major stuff I use is fixed, at least out of Darcs (although many packages are woefully outdated on Hackage. I've been working on this).

> Thanks.
> Steve

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