[Haskell-cafe] First go at reactive programming

Steve Lihn stevelihn at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 12:22:43 EST 2008

> -- | @'forever' act@ repeats the action infinitely.
> forever     :: (Monad m) => m a -> m ()
> forever a   = a >> forever a

Great. The code compiled successfully by inserting this in various places.

> I'm wondering how hard to try to get these libs to work with both 6.6 and
> 6.8.  My hope has been that people will switch to 6.8, but perhaps there are
> obstacles I don't know about.  Is there something that keeps you from
> upgrading?

I am asking this question in another thread. The problem is -- I've
got many modules compiled under 6.6, some with much agony. If I switch
to 6.8, I have to recompile them again. Two issues I image:

(1) It may take lots of effort to recompile all the modules. I have
forgetten how I got around some of the modules! Too bad... Got to take
notes next time...
(2) If I got stuck in 6.8, it may not be easy to switch back.

It does not appear straightforward to me. I'd like to hear how other
people approach these issues before I jump into it. Don't want to
break the working environment that I spent months to set up!
Finally, get to test the Reactive sample code.

(1) Levi's first post compiled successfully and worked like charm. Congrat.
(2) Levi's second post did not compile. There is a type error...

    Couldn't match expected type `Handle'
           against inferred type `RequestHandler'
    In the first argument of `handleConnection', namely `r'
    In the first argument of `fmap', namely `(handleConnection r)'
    In the second argument of `(.)', namely `fmap (handleConnection r)'


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