[Haskell-cafe] Getting frantic with FranTk

Torsten Otto t-otto-news at gmx.de
Mon Jan 14 17:07:39 EST 2008

Thank you for the encouragement, Justin. Unfortunately I did try that.  
But it may also be where my basic understanding is missing: "the  
libraries" - do I have to somehow compile all the source or can I just  
use it? The source is Haskell, but it all comes with makefiles - are  
these for use with GHC or something more? I have a feeling I have to  
compile something somehow into some special location. I guess I'll  
just keep mucking around until I find a clue somewhere... All I know  
so far is how to use modules in Hugs which is enough for High School,  
but there is so much more out there...

The Readme points out for the underlying Tcl:
If on unix compile up the TclPrim.so library and run the tclexe
script, with hugs as the argument program ie
../bin/tclexe hugs
Ok, I can find tclexe, but how do I "compile up the TclPrim"? Probably  
pretty standard, I'm working on that (hints would still be  
I'm confused at the point where the demo imports FranTk allright, but  
then I've hunted the web for missing modules which left me with  
something else missing:
Hugs> :l Demos.lhs
ERROR "./Utils.hs" - Error while importing DLL "./Utils.so":
dlopen(./Utils.so, 9): image not found


I don't begin to understand what this is telling me...

If I get it to work, I'll put in on the Web for others to find.


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