[Haskell-cafe] Re: Export Haskell Libraries

Joe joseph.bruce at pnl.gov
Tue Feb 12 17:16:43 EST 2008

SevenThunders wrote:

> ... Really
> all that's needed though is a tool that can automagically wrap a homegrown
> static or even dynamic library that contains the needed components of the
> GHC run time library along with the additional user code.  I know all the
> object files are available as are of course the libraries themselves, so
> such a script is not impossible.  It seems that ghc itself is doing some
> kind of dependency analysis to determine the final call to gcc.

To which Duncan replied:

> Yes, ghc knows which packages are required and the description for each
> package lists the packages it depends on and any C libs and other linker
> flags and search paths it needs.

Automated sounds great.  Has anything been done in this regard?

I'm new to Haskell and to GHC in particular; how difficult is this?  Where would
I start in coding it myself (it seems as though I would need some inside
knowledge into the workings of GHC)?

Otherwise I'll try to make SevenThunders' approach work.  Did you have success
with the HS*.o files?

Many thanks,

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