[Haskell-cafe] Re: Implementing fixed-sized vectors (using datatype algebra?)

Bjorn Buckwalter bjorn.buckwalter at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 22:32:09 EST 2008

> > > I'm almost done with the decimal library but it would be nice to check
> > > some Integer implementations for future inclusion. So, Aaron, Björn,
> > > are your implementations available somewhere?
> >
> > As noted elsewhere in the thread my implementation is available at:
> >
> > http://www.buckwalter.se/~bjorn/darcs/dimensional/Numeric/NumType.lhs
> Thanks!
> > It is my intent to extract this (self-contained) module to its own
> > package and put on hackage. It's been a low priority for me but I'm
> > rather incentivized by this thread.
> Great!
> How about joining efforts? As I said I almost have a preliminary
> version of the decimal library which I'll realease for reviewing
> purpouses soon (It won't include Integer computations though)

Well, could you elaborate a little on joining efforts? The effort I
was planning to invest in my package consists mainly of creating a
.cabal file plus some logistics to get tarballs to where they have to

I understand that you (and Wolfgang) are creating a library of type
level decimals for the purpose of constraining vector (list?) lengths.
After that I haven't been paying attention fully to the thread. Is the
goal to create a general-purpose library for type-level programming
and my module would fit into that grander scheme?

Or did you have something else in mind with joining efforts? E.g. help
reviewing your code or writing new code?

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