[Haskell-cafe] Re: Poor libraries documentation

Ben Franksen ben.franksen at online.de
Sun Feb 3 18:30:01 EST 2008

Neil Mitchell wrote:
> I went looking for the the function in Haskell to calculate cos^{-1},
> inverse cosine. Unfortunately, the poor documentation in the libraries
> hampered my attempts. The documentation for the trig functions in
> Haskell is completely non-existent:

Similar for mtl library. Some of the modules are documented, but many aren't
at all. This has been a problem for me with the new Control.Monad.XYZ.Lazy
vs. ...Strict stuff. I honestly don't have a clue what exactly is lazy or
strict here. (I know there has been some discussion about this but I didn't
understand most of it.) Another problem are the more obscure features of
Control.Monad.Writer.Class, such as listen and pass methods. (For these I
finally found an explanation in 'All About Monads'.)


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