[Haskell-cafe] Re: Gitit - Encoding

Arnaud Bailly abailly at oqube.com
Tue Dec 30 16:45:55 EST 2008

Hi Jeremy and John,
Thank you very much Jeremy for your very detailed answer ! I checked
in Gitit source and found various occurences of usage of Byte8
strings, which John as confirmed.

I switched template.html to advertising encoding of iso-8859-1 and
things are working ok. I setup LANG (and LC_ALL) to fr_FR.UTF-8. When
I set meta tag with utf-8 encoding, things get messy.

John: I checked your url and, oddly enough, characteres appears OK
when I manually change page display encoding to latin-1. I came to the
possibly obvious conclusion that:
 -gitit communicated with HApps hence the outside world in latin-1
 - talk to git in utf-8

Is this the right picture ?

If so, then I have part of the problem solved. Using latin-1 for
input/display is annoying only for the € (euro) symbol.


BTW, my accents problem solved, I would like to work with RSS feeds so that:
 1. a user could put a feed inside a page
 2. gitit could produce feeds for changes/adds
I have done things like that before in Java but would need some
directions to incorporate it in gitit.

Arnaud Bailly, PhD
OQube - Software Engineering

web> http://www.oqube.com

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