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Am Dienstag, den 23.12.2008, 21:31 +0100 schrieb Cetin Sert:
> A package I want to upload only builds with the unreleased gtk2hs
> version from the darcs repository and not the latest released version
> 0.9.13 or any lesser. But the repository version seems to not have
> changed, so if I say in my cabal file:
> gtk >= 0.9.14
> it does not even build with the gtk2hs version from the repos, on the
> other hand
> if I say:
> gtk >= 0.9.13
> people using 0.9.13 may be surprised to see the package does not
> build.
> What should I do o__O? Wait for the next gtk2hs release before
> releasing my package? Or is there a way to notify _potential
> users/those interested_ of the need to use the latest gtk2hs they can
> get from the darcs repos.

I’d say, if your dependency hasn’t released yet, then you shouldn’t
either. Make sure interested people know about _your_ darcs repository,
but only put stuff on hackage that builds.

Alternatively, put gtk >= 0.9.14 in the dependency, which is correct
(although too strict), and tell people to lower it locally _after_ they
have installed gtk2hs from darcs. Once gtk2hs is released, your package
is already there.

Correct dependencies are better than general dependencies.

(all just my opinion, of course)


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