[Haskell-cafe] Monades - I've got it! (hopefully)

Tobias Kräntzer info at tobias-kraentzer.de
Wed Dec 24 06:28:16 EST 2008

Am 24.12.2008 um 11:56 schrieb Luke Palmer:
> It is only a concept of the language insofar as it is needed to do  
> IO (because of the IO monad).  You are correct that it is really  
> more of a programming model.
> [...]
> About the prestress, that's one of the motivations behind renaming  
> them ("warm fuzzy thing" is the current tongue-in-cheek alternative).

I think it would help a lot, if this would be mentioned in all the  
explanations. Maybe I over read it, but the information that monads  
are a data structure, which are used to do for example IO and no  
"special datatypes" would help.

But enough programming for these days.

. . . Tobias

Tobias Kräntzer
info at tobias-kraentzer.de

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