[Haskell-cafe] The Haskell re-branding exercise

Sebastian Sylvan sylvan at student.chalmers.se
Sun Dec 21 16:19:47 EST 2008

2008/12/21 Paul Johnson <paul at cogito.org.uk>

> This suggests that the current effort to find a new logo for Haskell needs
> to go back to the basics.  Its no good expecting consensus on one of the
> suggestions because there are too many options and everyone has their
> favourite.  Nothing will attract a majority of the community.

I agree with this, which I why I would propose using Condorcet-voting.
Personally I find the current logo horrendous. I think it's ugly and
intimidating at the same time. I don't really care too much which one of the
proposals should win, just so long as I can weed out some of the ones I
really hate.
Condorcet voting will pick a good compromise, where someone like me could
just put all the acceptable ones at shared #1, and all the ones I dislike at
#2., and someone with stronger opinions could flesh it out some more. The
point being that the "least disliked" logo wins out. Maybe nobody will be
happy, but hopefully most people won't be deeply unhappy with it.

It would be a shame if there's lots of votes that are spread out over a
large group of fairly similar logos that are good, and then a crappy one
wins out with 6% of the vote because there weren't any others like it so the
votes for that "style" weren't spread out over multiple entries.


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