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Paul Keir pkeir at dcs.gla.ac.uk
Fri Dec 19 11:45:45 EST 2008

Thanks Luke, and everyone else. Ok, back to the drawing board.




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On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 9:27 AM, Paul Keir <pkeir at dcs.gla.ac.uk> wrote:

	module Main where
	import Control.Concurrent
	fibs = 0 : 1 : zipWith (+) fibs (tail fibs)
	heavytask m = putMVar m (fibs !! 100000)

Oh, also, heavytask is not very heavy at all.  It just writes the thunk
(fibs !! 100000) into the MVar.  Not a single number is added in this

You probably meant to have the thread evaluate its argument _before_
writing it to the variable:

heavytask m = putMVar m $! (fibs !! 100000)

(Or more transparently)

heavytask m = let answer = fibs !! 100000 in answer `seq` putMVar m

But as per my other comments, you will not see a speedup (in fact, you
will probably see some slowdown as two threads compete to compute the
same value).


	main = do ms <- sequence $ replicate 2 newEmptyMVar
	         mapM_ (forkIO . heavytask) $ tail ms
	         heavytask $ head ms
	         ms' <- mapM takeMVar ms
	         mapM_ print ms'
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