[Haskell-cafe] Time for a new logo?

Aaron Tomb atomb at galois.com
Wed Dec 17 00:39:58 EST 2008

On Dec 15, 2008, at 9:03 AM, Don Stewart wrote:

> And anyone who does a version, place put it on the wiki.
> It'll be lost if you only post to the list.
> I propose we gather submissions and vote on the best for a new logo in
> 2009.

I'm a big fan of those posted by FalconNL. I showed the whole page to  
a professional graphic designer and brand strategist, and she thought  
that the ">> Haskell" ones were the best of the complete designs, by  
far, from a design standpoint. I'm not sure which of the three I like  
best, though.

She also really liked the recent symbol inspired by Darrin Thompson's  
ASCII art. Some variant of FalconNL's original designs with that  
symbol in place of the ">>" might look nice. The symbol could also be  
used on its own, which is a plus.

Finally, she much preferred Officina Sans over Fonce Sans. It's sad  
that there are so few good free fonts to choose from, but I'd say it's  
better to go for the one that looks good. It can be embedded into a  
vector graphic.


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