[Haskell-cafe] Time for a new logo?

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Mon Dec 15 17:15:11 EST 2008

Don Stewart wrote:
> I noticed a new haskell logo idea on a tshirt today, 
>     http://image.spreadshirt.net/image-server/image/configuration/13215127/producttypecolor/2/type/png
> Simple, clean and *pure*.
> Instead of the "we got lots going on" of the current logo.
> Any graphic designers want to try some variations on this theme of
> purity? 
> A new year, and a new mature logo...

Well overdue, IMHO.

I showed the current logo to Mr C++ (who, obviously, is slightly 
biased). To him, apparently, the current logo says "Haskell is all about 
arcane and obscure mathematical constructs. In fact, we think that 
complicated mathematics is so good that we stuffed our logo full of it. 
If you don't like hard math, don't even bother trying to learn this 

Obviously, that's a rather negative image to be projecting. And 
obviously, his opinion is biased. To me, the logo just looks a) rather 
cluttered, and b) home-made. It doesn't have that professional "glitter" 
to it. (I have no idea how to fix that though - maybe ask a professional??)

I see lots of people posting various logos, but they all seem to consist 
essentially of a lambda and the word "Haskell". I guess it depends on 
what you want from a logo. Is our "logo" going to be just a lambda 
symbol in a specific typeface with specific colours? Or do we want 
something more particular? (Looking at what other languages have... well 
"Ruby" has a gemstone. Duh. And "Python" has two snakes nicely stylised. 
Oh well!) But yeah, certainly I think having a neat T-shirt to wear 
would be fun! (Note that the lambda was the symbol for the LGBT folks 

(Actually, just noticing... Ruby's front page says "Hello World is 
trivial - here it is!" We can do that too, eh?)

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