[Haskell-cafe] Problem with haddock 2.3.0 (again)

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at worc.ox.ac.uk
Wed Dec 10 12:21:19 EST 2008

On Wed, 2008-12-10 at 15:30 +0100, Sean Leather wrote:
> [Responding to an old (but still relevant) thread...]
> I'm getting this error as well, both in 2.3.0 and 2.4.1.
> Suppose that I wanted to generate documentation for everything in my
> Cabal package except for the modules with Template Haskell in them. Is
> it enough to add {-# OPTIONS_HADDOCK hide #-} to each of these
> modules? I tried, but it didn't pan out like I hoped. I'm still
> getting the same error. Is there something else I can do?

As I understand it, using hide like that just means there will be no
documentation page for that module. However it still has to parse that
module since things in it may be re-exported from other modules and have
documentation inserted into the docs for those modules.

For example the documentation for the Prelude works this way, it's
mostly re-exported from internal hidden GHC.* modules. (It may
occasionally be broken but that's the way it's supposed to work).


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