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Hugo Pacheco hpacheco at gmail.com
Sat Dec 6 18:46:26 EST 2008

On Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 11:13 PM, Simon Michael <simon at joyful.com> wrote:

> Hugo,
> I thought "this Hood stuff is so old, there's no point checking hackage".
> Silly me! I did cabal update; cabal install GHood on this mac and tried your
> example:
>  As an example, just import Debug.Observe (the GHood one), run ghci and
>> type
>>  runO $ print $ (length . observe "List Int" .concat) [[1,2],[3,4]]
> and it fired up the graphical Java applet without any further setup. Very
> nice!
> I don't yet know what a hylomorphism is and thought your pointless-haskell
> package might be one of those semi-joke projects, but now I wonder if it's
> something that I'll need in order to use (G)Hood with real-world code.

It shouldn't be. Pointless Haskell is for point-free programming and it is
quite arguable if that is real-world Haskell. The main advantage is that it
is easier to reason about programs, that is why it recursion patterns such
as hylomorphisms are fun.
But by no means you need it for using (G)Hood in your applications.

> I guess I'll find out. Thank you!

You can always run some of the examples from the Pointless Haskell library
or just have a quick look at


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