[Haskell-cafe] Cleaning up the Debian act (report from the trenches)

David Bremner bremner at unb.ca
Wed Aug 27 13:43:24 EDT 2008

Ketil Malde wrote:

>Neither do I have an Etch system around, but I should probably
>install a virtual machine or something.  Ideally, I should
>work out the minimal requirements (including for dependencies, and for
>dependencies' dependencies), but in practice, I end up depending on
>whatever is installed on the computer I use.  Lazyness bites again. :-)

If you have a Debian (or presumably Ubuntu) machine of some kind, then
the package "pbuilder" makes it reasonably easy to set up build
environments for particular releases. It is oriented towards building
debian packages, but you can "login" to the environment. This is a lot
lighter weight than a virtual machine (it uses chroot).


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