[Haskell-cafe] ANN: Hayoo! beta 0.1

Timo B. Hübel t.h at gmx.info
Sun Apr 6 15:44:57 EDT 2008

On Sunday 06 April 2008 20:31:09 you wrote:
> Overall feedback: Cool! So far, I like Hayoo!, and I'm therefore
> interested in Holumbus. Is there some technical overview available?

Currently, only what you can find on http://holumbus.fh-wedel.de but we will 
try to extend the site in the near future.

> transcript of my short test of hayoo, including nitty-picky feedback:
> [...]

Thanks for this extensive feedback, some of these are known issues we're 
already working on which will be fixed soon. The others are on my TODO list 
now :)


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