[Haskell-cafe] PROPOSAL: Rename haskell@ to haskell-announce@

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Mon Sep 24 10:39:31 EDT 2007

>> in other words, people were meant to subscribe either
>> to haskell or to haskell+haskell-cafe, and posting to 
>> haskell was meant to be a flag able to raise a topic
>> briefly over the general din in haskell-cafe.
> Do people think that is working? 

i don't think it is working anymore. haskell-cafe works 
(mostly;-), haskell sometimes works, sometimes seems a
distinction without a difference, and more and more often
causes confusion (where to post? who is on what list?)
> Also, I think HWN now does a good job of bringing the 
> current issues to the haskell@ readers.

yes, if HWN was more, well, weekly,-) it would nicely cover
that job. 

there is the secondary issue that we'd actually want to alert the 
haskell at -only readers to discussions early, so that it doesn't 
take a week before they join a discussion on what to do with 
mailing lists!-)

but i have the feeling that those who are likely to join discussions
have taken to at least browsing haskell-cafe as well?
>> (note that the second is slightly misleading: *everything*
>> is off-topic on haskell@ after a few exchanges, i think;
>> note also that crossposting was explicitly ruled out)
> I don't think cross-posting works well on the lists at all; unless
> people do some magic they get 2 copies of all the mails, and you can end
> up with some subthreads only on one list and some only on another.

one might exaggerate the split intent as: any message to 
haskell@ should have its reply-to set to haskell-cafe. but
i agree, neither split threads nor crossposts are nice, but 
they are a reality.

the current welcome message discourages crossposts.
nevertheless, they are used, for instance, for HWN, and 
for this present thread, because we are no longer sure of
the original assertions, as expressed in the original split:

    Welcome to the Haskell Cafe

we either need to guarantee that haskell is a sublist of
haskell-cafe (so crossposts are never needed, because
noone is subscribed to cafe only, and any accidental
crossposts could be filtered from cafe; all threads are 
archived in full in the cafe archive, no matter which parts
appeared where), or we have to find another way to 
make this list combination work.

personally, i could live with (as proposed)

    haskell-cafe + hwn + haskell-announce + hcar

but i wanted to point out that the post-split haskell@ 
was not meant to be limited to announcements. it is
just that 'low traffic, stay-in-touch-only' has proven 
to be too vague a charter to work well. which is why
we're having this thread, i believe?-)


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