[Haskell-cafe] Building "production stable" software in Haskell

David Roundy droundy at darcs.net
Mon Sep 17 10:56:49 EDT 2007

On Mon, Sep 17, 2007 at 11:07:10AM +0100, Adrian Hey wrote:
> Ketil Malde wrote:
> >What would the disadvantages be to replacing Data.Map with this
> >implementation?
> Personally I don't really like the idea of Data.Map, Data.Map.AVL or
> any other lib becoming entrenched as official or de-facto standards.
> It seems like a recipe for stagnation to me. IMHO such libs just
> shouldn't be bundled with ghc (or any other compiler) for this reason.

To me, it seems like a recipe for usefulness.  It would allow data
structures to be used in multiple libraries.  Competing packages is fine
and dandy for something like an XML parser or DBM interface, but I'd like
data structures to be standard, so that other packages can use them in
their interfaces without putting undue burden on their users (and without
the users being forced to figure out how to convert back and forth between
various different Data.Map.*).
David Roundy
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