[Haskell-cafe] Elevator pitch for Haskell.

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It's a good start, but it's a little too "feature" oriented rather than
"benefits" oriented.

Features: makes programmers more productive, allows projects to grow larger,
allows maintenance teams to pick up the code with less skills xfer, faster
time to market and faster and more reliable changes to existing systems.

All features boil down to improving bottom line (saving money), improving
top line (creating more revenue), or customer satisfaction.

My 2 cents (aka 1.2 euro pennies)



On 9/4/07, Paul Johnson <paul at cogito.org.uk> wrote:
> This page (http://www.npdbd.umn.edu/deliver/elevator.html) has a
> template for an "elevator pitch".  This is what you say to someone when
> you have 30 seconds to explain your big idea, for instance if you find
> yourself in an elevator with them.  I thought I'd try instantiating it
> for Haskell.
> For software developers who need to produce highly reliable software at
> minimum cost, Haskell is a pure functional programming language that
> reduces line count by 75% through reusable higher order functions and
> detects latent defects with its powerful static type system.  Unlike Ada
> and Java, Haskell allows reusable functions to be combined without the
> overhead of class definitions and inheritance, and its type system
> prevents the hidden side effects that cause many bugs in programs
> written in conventional languages.
> Comments?
> Paul.
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