[Haskell-cafe] Re: Why can't Haskell be faster?

Reinier Lamers reinier.lamers at phil.uu.nl
Wed Oct 31 10:15:37 EDT 2007

Paulo J. Matos wrote:

>>So the slowness of Haskell (compared to Clean) is consequence of
>>  its type system. OK, I'll stop, I did not write Clean nor Haskell
>>  optimizers or stuff like that :-D
>type system? Why is that? Shouldn't type system in fact speed up the
>generated code, since it will know all types at compile time?
Yes, but apparently the Clean type system gives more information to the 
compiler than the Haskell system does. The Haskell type system doesn't 
say that a certain value can be updated in-place or that a certain value 
should not be boxed (not counting the GHC extension for unboxed types).


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