[Haskell-cafe] Local Search Module

David F. Place d at vidplace.com
Mon Oct 22 15:12:58 EDT 2007

On Oct 22, 2007, at 3:00 PM, Jeremy Shaw wrote:

> Well, the most important part has not been done -- as you noted there
> is no library on hackage.
> It would be excellent if you could:
>  1. talk the upstream author's into releasing the source under BSD
>  2. cabalize / haddock it and upload to hackage
> Of course, that is all the non-fun parts :)
> j.
> ps. I have most of the code extracted into a .hs file already, if that
> helps.

Thanks.  I'll certainly take a look at it.  Maybe I can find a way to  
make the non-fun parts more fun.

David F. Place
mailto:d at vidplace.com

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