[Haskell-cafe] Re: New slogan for haskell.org

Maurí­cio briqueabraque at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 17 18:42:05 EDT 2007

 >  "Nervous? Anxious? You found an irreproducable
 > bug in your program and have to fix it until
 > tomorrow? You feel that your code needs
 > essential cleanup, but you postponed it for long
 > in order to not introduce new bugs? You can
 > hardly maintain the code as it grows and grows?
 > Pause a minute!
 >  Maybe we can help. Try
 > Haskell. Its effect is immediate and
 > long-lasting. There are warrantedly no side
 > effects. It's scientifically approved. Available
 > without prescription."

I don't think it's so important to promote Haskell
as to promote language diversity. In most
environments, industrial or academic, people
usually have to use one language because it's the
standard language in the place. Once I had to use
Fortran to write code just because teachers in that
university believed Fortran is the best tool for
numeric programming (and we can understand that,
since they were never exposed to anything else).

It would be nice if people understand that it's
better to have one group using C++, other using
Python and other using Haskell than a lot of
people using the same language.


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