[Haskell-cafe] Collections library

Robert Dockins robdockins at fastmail.fm
Wed Nov 28 09:42:39 EST 2007


> I recently withdrew from this project and offered up the libs I'd been
> working on as they are for a new owner. Didn't get any takers though
> (no surprises there!). I've always found the lack of apparent interest
> in all this somewhat puzzling myself. It's not as if there's no latent 
> demand for efficient collections. (Data.Map is probably the most
> regularly whined about of all the "standard" libs.)

FWIW, I find the same phenomenon with Edison.  I get very little feedback 
about it positive or negative; I really have no idea how many people are 
using it.  I guess people are more willing to roll their own data structures 
or use the standard libs.

It might be from a desire to limit dependencies.  If that's the case, perhaps 
continuing cabal developments will change that.

> Regards
> --
> Adrian Hey

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