[Haskell-cafe] libSDL [Tetris]

Bit Connor bit at mutantlemon.com
Thu Nov 22 10:32:14 EST 2007

Hello Andrew,

> >> ...yep, configure fails because it can't find "sh". (Again.)

This error can safely be ignored on windows.

> I'm rather loathed to install a Unix emulator just so I can install
> things from Hackage.

cygwin is not required to build hsSDL on windows.

> By the way, it turns out that SDL at least comes with a little text file
> explaining how to build it on Windows. (I overlooked this the first
> time.) Sadly, after following the instructions I still can't build it.
> The changes it told me to make didn't seem to have any effect. (And
> manually editing configuration files and C headers isn't my idea of a
> good time anyway...)

What error are you getting?
The next version of hsSDL (or current darcs) will not require editing
of C headers.
Editing the cabal config file is necessary so that the SDL include
files and libs can be found.

> Out of curiosity, is there a reason I'm trying to compile the code
> myself in the first place? Is it just because that's "the Unix way", or
> is there some deep reason why we can't just download prebuilt binaries?

I am in favour of the idea of providing prebuilt binaries. Do you
think something like the gtk2hs windows installer would be good?


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