[Haskell-cafe] libSDL [Tetris]

Andrew Coppin andrewcoppin at btinternet.com
Wed Nov 21 15:59:24 EST 2007

Jorge Marques Pelizzoni wrote:
> Andrew Coppin escreveu:
>> ...yep, configure fails because it can't find "sh". (Again.)
> You are probably not using cygwin, are you? I mean, it includes "sh" and
> should get you going. Just make sure to check all you need in the cygwin
> setup.

I'm rather loathed to install a Unix emulator just so I can install 
things from Hackage.

By the way, it turns out that SDL at least comes with a little text file 
explaining how to build it on Windows. (I overlooked this the first 
time.) Sadly, after following the instructions I still can't build it. 
The changes it told me to make didn't seem to have any effect. (And 
manually editing configuration files and C headers isn't my idea of a 
good time anyway...)

Out of curiosity, is there a reason I'm trying to compile the code 
myself in the first place? Is it just because that's "the Unix way", or 
is there some deep reason why we can't just download prebuilt binaries?

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